Professional uniforms with elegance, comfort and quality.
We create your style. We manufacture your image.
We want your preference.

Similar By Option

With a wide range of standard catalog articles, which have been designed and designed to suit the different characteristics of each function and each worker, you can choose the article that best suits your needs.
An unbeatable price/quality ratio, for a wide range of articles designed, molded and made with strict quality control.
Various color and fabric solutions for various professional activities, which will be personalized with your logo.

Difference By Design and Innovation

In a competitive and challenging global world, organizations look to create a sense of belonging and identity to represent its institutional and corporate image.
The professional clothing is no longer just a “piece to cover the body”. Now, clothing has other purposes and is the pillar of identity.
With our help, you can embrace a corporate uniform code with quality, presentation and style.

Trust Our Dedication

We are ready to create your exclusivity. We want to share our concepts so that you have quality professional uniforms in a current, classic or vanguard styles. Our team is formed by various manufacturers with years of experience in tailoring and we comply with all kinds of uniform in due time. The dedication and effort put in each garment is exposed on the conception, confection, presentation and finishing of each product. We want to be distinguished by these qualities.

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Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal
GPS: 41.11427, -8.5890362
(+351) 917 083 567
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